20+ Hilarious Sarcastic Office Memes. #23 had me rolling :D

20+ Hilarious Sarcastic Office Memes. #23 had me rolling :D

Funny Sarcastic Meme Of the Day

When you wake up at 6 in the morning, you close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s already 6:45. When you’re at work and it’s 2:30, you close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s 2:31.As I have gotten older and wiser I discovered that there are six things that I really loved about my job. Payday, lunchtime, quitting time, vacation time, holidays, and of course retirement. Here are the 25+ funny sarcastic memes I’m sure you all can relate to.

…and in this figure, you can clearly see all the fucks I give

Rest assured that your recent accomplishments at work have gone largely unnoticed.
According to a recent study, 86 percent of people say that they have at least 1 annoying co-worker. The remaining 14 percent don’t realize that they are the annoying co-worker.

You mind if i take off early boss? Im coming down with a bad case of fuck this place.

You there, Friday! Welcome back you sexy son of a bitch! We have been looking for you since Monday!

I use sarcasm at work because slapping the shit out of someone is frowned upon by management.
I want to make work fun again, let’s start an office romance.
No, it’s okay, I totally wanted to drop everything I was doing today to take care of your bulshit.

You dont have to be crazy to work here. Well train you

The candy bowl on your desk is the only reason i even come to work.

Congratulations on quitting your job without being escorted out of the building.

I hope the shorter days make my boss think I’m working longer.

No, you’re right. Let’s do it the dumbest way possible because it’s easier for you.
If I look upset. it’s because I’m doing 100 percent of the work and getting only 77 percent of the pay.
Thank you for all your hard work. We are going to reward you by giving you other’s people’s work to finish.
Hello modeling Agency?? Yeah my selfie just got 24 likes and I think I’m ready to go pro.
I work well with others when they leave me the fuck alone.
I would love to insult you, but I’m afraid I won’t do as well as nature did
I like my job enough that I sometimes go minutes without checking how many hours are left in the workday.
I’m sorry Sir. It looks like we are all out of fucks for today. Call back tomorrow and perhaps someone will give a fuck then. Thank you!

Good luck at your new job convincing people you’re only incompetent because you’re new.

I’m achieving a work-life balance by bringing my personal life into the office.

Yes, I’m still here. It’s just that what you said was so godamne stupid that I think I slipped into a coma for a few minutes.
I’m doing some spring cleaning at work by clearing out my desk and never coming back.
We look like we’re being productive, but really, we’re just talking shit about co-workers and how drunk we got this weekend.
Wednesday means we’re halfway through half-assing our work for the week.


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