9 Workouts You Must Try By Darebee

9 Workouts You Must Try By Darebee

Workouts Compilation To Achieve a Body You Deserve

If you are reading this, you must be one of those people who like to stay healthy and stay fit. Well, we must thank Darebee for coming up with these Amazing workouts we definitely burn fat to its core and give amazing strength and endurance.

Check out these 8 amazing workouts you will definitely like;


Overkill is a high-load, fast-paced workout that needs you to minimize the transition downtime between exercises and make your body flow as you go from one to the next. This loads your muscles, lungs and cardiovascular system gets you into the sweatzone fast and challenges your VO2 Max performance. Add EC here and the workout truly lives up to its billing.



Tendon strength and agility are enabling qualities that transform the way a body moves and the means through which muscle groups are activated. They are power multipliers that increase control over physical performance and play a key role in short, sharp, explosive moves. Do gentlemen need such physical attributes more than any one else? Arguably not but nevertheless the Gentleman workout will deliver and in keeping with Darebee’s open, equal spirit consider that the Aphrodite workout is also for everyone.



Some workouts should come with a warning. The Inquisitor makes some pretty hefty demands in the body’s ability to recruit and then coordinate large muscle groups, fascial strength, tendons and satellite muscle groups in order to generate controlled power. The result is a workout that is definitely not for beginners, but it should be in your exercise event horizon.


f you want to be an adventurer of the mystical East you need to have great fascial fitness, overall strength, agility and muscle stability. Aladdin is a workout that puts you through your paces helping you develop all that as well as a good aerobic basis and good endurance levels. Add EC and it becomes a real challenge.

Numbers / Cardio


There are days when we lack the motivation required for a full-on HIIT workout. On those days dogged determination and the sheer remorselessness of numbers are required to keep us honest and focused on training. The Numbers workout performs this function admirably well. On those days when you feel like you’re operating on empty, this is your best friend.

The Player 


When you have jump squats and push ups in one workout you just know you need to also add up and down planks as your downtime, core-training moment which means The Player is the workout to turn to. Especially designed to promote better fascial strength and fitness this is a workout that helps unleash the power of your body. Great for everyone doing contact sports, playing basketball or needing that total body explosion.

Muscle Factory

Muscle Factory

The lower body is a paradox. Handling the whole body’s weight it only gets better if it is put under a load greater than what it would normally be expected to carry. If you have some dumbbells lying around this is the perfect opportunity to make your body feel lighter. Work through the exercises and reap the benefits. Level Up1

Level Up!

Level up

Occasionally, as you push hard to level up, piling on the training day after day you need to recover on the go. You need a workout that will help you maintain your edge without overloading you and make you work virtually all your muscles without exhausting you. Level-Up! is the perfect workout for that. Suitable for beginners looking to truly level up as well as more advanced fitness practitioners it will push all the right buttons and still help you recover from previous-day fatigue.


Also, don’t forget to check Workout to have Batman like Abs.


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