iPhone X Revealed: Everything You Need to Know (Short Review)

iPhone X Revealed: Everything You Need to Know (Short Review)

lright, so it’s the one we all have been waiting for. Apple held an event today at their new spaceship campus in the new Steve Jobs theater to unveil a couple of things that may or may not have been leaked a little bit beforehand. But we’re excited to finally see it in person. So, there’s couple low-key announcements before the big one which was first of all the new Apple TV which now supports 4K and HDR. We also got to see the new Apple watch series 3 which now has a cellular connection and can make and take phone calls so that’s all good stuff and we appreciate that but we were really there to see the new iPhone and what we got was two new iPhones. We got iPhone 8 and iPhone 8-Plus and we got iPhone X. So, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8-Plus or a spec bump to the current iPhone 7 and 7plus so nearly identical design but it now has the glass back to support Qi wireless charging which is remarkable to see. It has a true tone display but the same size and resolution and a new A11 bionic chip inside and some slightly updated 12-megapixel camera and it comes in a new rose gold color which I think is more of like a copper or a faded-sandblasted-kind-of look. So, the bottom line, this is definitely an improvement. It’s an upgrade to what we currently have but even though it’s called iPhone 8, this is definitely more iPhone 7s.

iPhone 8

Let’s not get it twisted but then came the one thing and that was iPhone X (10). Don’t you dare call it an iPhone X (Ex). It’s iPhone 10 (X). So, this is the phone that looks like all the dummies and models which were shown by the tech geeks this year and now seeing in person. Now those things staggeringly accurate. So, iPhone X, as what we expected, has a larger 5.8-inch OLED display in a smaller body and than the other iPhones, thanks to the tiny bezels so you can have the display going really close to the edges of the corners of the display curving at the edges and then has that notch in the middle of the top. The main question is when playing with those early mock-ups was, you know how Apple would handle the display with rounded corners? Well, now we have our answer; you get your time on the left side of it and your signal and battery on the right side of the display and then basically depending on what app you’re in, the clock and the signal and battery will turn black or white to contrast with background so if you’re in a dark app, they turn white, if you’re in a white app, like Apple Music or something, they turn black. So basically, you can always see them and then certain apps, most of them actually will go full screen and fill the entire display around the notch which is pretty cool and kind of looks like the essential phone. With much wider notch, it gives you that immersive look. Watching a video maybe sometimes, you can ignore that top bar and just show a rectangular aspect ratio but I guess the goal here is definitely to be immersive. The whole point of display filling up the whole front of the phone is that you can fill it anytime possible so, developers will be on that pretty quickly so, anytime an app can go full screen; it definitely will.

iPhone X

The other big question was there is no home button or how do you go home; Well, the answer is it’s a gesture. Now, so to go home on the new iPhone X, it’s no longer a button. You swipe up from the bottom of the phone. Basically, anytime you see the bar at the bottom of the screen, that represents the home swipe and you swipe up to go home and to get to the multitasking panel, you swipe halfway up. You got to memorize the variance between those two. Then there are three different swipe down gestures on this iPhone X. Swipe down from the middle for notifications, swipe down from the right corner for a control center and swipe down in the middle of the home screen for search. Basically, all these operations you know interacting with the phone that is now done on the screen, they’re all gestures to make that possible. You can even wake the display just by touching it once. It’s a lot to get used to but I’m willing to give it a shot. It’s kind of what you get yourself into when you remove all the buttons.

Watch iPhone X Trailer Here;

Then the Big Story with this phone is that the front-facing sensors in that big tab up at the top are really advance and they kind of have to be because Apple has replaced touch ID and fingerprints with Face ID and facial recognition and Apple made a big deal out of it and a lot of big claims about how reliable it needs to be. You know million-to-one chance that someone else can get into it with something other than your face. It needs to really secure because it’s literally replacing touch ID but that’s something we have to test ourselves.


Now the last major change on the outside is the new cameras. So yes, the vertical camera orientation is new and it looks better here in real life than it did in the renders and the iPhone X is rocking to those two slightly updated 12-megapixel cameras again and this time they’re both optically stabilized so the telephoto lens should do a bit better, have a better success rate in low-light, do better with video etc. Obviously, the photo and video quality is another thing that we got to test when we get it but one thing you’ll notice is Apple is really trying to give some more customization in their portrait modes. I think that’s probably triggered by what Samsung just did with the Note 8. Now, when you open the portrait mode on the iPhone, you will get these extra modes that will try to adjust the look of the lightning so now you can go from neutral light to studio light to contour light to even stage light which is really dramatic and these will also work with front-facing camera as well so you can do portrait with the front-facing camera and that’s with all these camera effects on your face which you know is going to take your selfie game to the next level. And yeah, you can actually change all this stuff after you’ve taken the photo as well. So that’s right there, the front facing camera improvements. It’s enough reason for some people to consider getting this phone.


Hilariously enough, the front facing camera will also work great with this new feature in iOS called Animoji, which is literally animated emoji. It’s like seven or eight emojis with faces on them that move as you move. But yeah, now in iMessage, you can send short videos with your voice coming from an emoji, it’s really good at making people make weird faces. Other than that, the rest of what’s new with the iPhone X is the same as what’s new with iPhone 8. So, spec bump to the A11 bionic chip, so you should have a buttery smooth performance. The glass back of course enabling Qi wireless charging which I’m excited to start seeing everywhere. Now the OLED display is also now true tone enabled and it’s this beautiful new gesture enabled fingerprint, a slab of glass and metal that will start at a thousand bucks when it goes on sale in November 3.

Now, there are concerns with it yes. Now, the power button on the side is also a little bit bigger and you can hold it down to trigger Siri and I’m telling you right now, that’s going to cause a lot of accidental Siri triggers in pockets around the world for the next year just on that out there but whatever.


I’m glad it’s finally revealed, the rumors are over and this iPhone X.  of course, Both these iPhones X and iPhone 8; I’m liking what I have seen in the Live Streaming and I’m really into the X.


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