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Narcos Season 3 (Short Review)

NARCOS Season 3 

One of my favourite genre in Hollywood has always been Crime. I grew up watching movies like Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, American Gangster and much more to documentaries in History channel about Columbian and Mexican drug lords. I am one of those movie geeks who’ve watched all the top 100 movies listed in IMDb’s crime genre. However, I always craved for a show which illustrates the life of a gangster or a drug lord in detail and oh boy, Narcos, finally filled that hunger for me. I remember sitting with my friends in the middle of nowhere when of them mentioned about Narcos and how much I would fancy it. Without having a second thought, the moment I reached home, I played Narcos with no expectations whatsoever. And I always completely hooked the moment I saw Wagner Maura on screen. There cannot be any other Pablo Escobar than Wagner Maura himself. If you don’t believe me, watch Elite Squad and Elite Squad: The Enemy within and you’ll know what I’m talking about. He is just picture perfect for roles like these.

Now, let’s talk about the first 2 seasons of Narcos before we move on to the recent installment i.e. Narcos Season 3.

The first 2 seasons are completely dedicated to Pablo Escobar, from his absolute Rise to downright fall, to controlling almost 80% of the cocaine market in the world.

“There are two hundred million idiots, manipulated by a million intelligent men.”

Wagner Maura was in total control of his character in Narcos & at one point he looked more Pablo Escobar than Pablo Escobar himself. Javier Peña and Steve Murphy did a fantastic job in Narcos season 1 and 2 as DEA agents. The story telling of Boyd Holbrook was equally good considering half the show is in Spanish. He kept the interest of the audience throughout the show. Overall, it was a fun ride until I realized that the reign of Pablo Escobar is coming to an end, and just when I thought the show is over for good, we have Cali cartel ladies and gentlemen. The show is not going anywhere.

But the big question, will it keep up with the show’s popularity?

Narcos Season 3 Review

Honestly, it did not disappoint one bit. Though you might miss Pablo Escobar every now and then as it progresses you’ll get over it soon and it will only be about honest DEA officers vs Cali cartels run by Gilberto, Miguel, Chepe, and Pacho. It shows the struggle of Cali-Cartel about getting out of the business clean by making deals with the government with a reduced sentence and makes their other businesses legitimate, while Javier Pena still pursues them even after realizing the roots of corruption run deep in the system and he might ends up chopping his own feet. But managed to find two honest officers, Daniel & Chris who surprised viewers with their deep attachment to the character.

Cali Cartel
Narcos Season 3

Our Verdict

With Boyd Holbrook and Wagner Maura is no longer on the show, it still managed to gain viewers with amazing performances by some of the character. You might need to give yourself time to adjust from Boyd Halbrook to Pedro Pascal in voice over but soon, you’ll find it equally compelling. In my opinion, this season is a must if you have watched other two seasons or into crime genre.

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Source: IMDb


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